Case Study: How a leading technology company delivers both staff engagement and business performance

By Andy Welsh  |  2020-04-22T17:15:30

NEC Australia (NECA) is a leading technology company, delivering a complete portfolio of ICT solutions and services to large enterprise and small business. NECA had a desire to put the ownership for continuous improvement in the hands of every staff member, in every team, at all levels of the business.


Six key areas were chosen for tracking, with a focus on allowing teams to discover what is working well and where action is required to improve performance. This included metrics for Environment, Empowerment and Trust. Teams discuss their results monthly with the NECA Senior Leadership Team checking results each week, many of which have driven this initiative from day 1, with Group Directors and General Managers early adopters of Teamgage.


NECA are seeing benefit from teams taking ownership for driving incremental change within the areas they control. Feedback relating to broader company improvement is also channeled up, allowing trends to be reviewed at an organisation level to drive key business initiatives. Teamgage is also facilitating a more open discussion about performance, across all teams.


“Using a simple and intuitive interface, every NECA employee is asked to provide a quick monthly snapshot on how their team is performing across six key metrics. The output, presented in online summary reports, is shared at team meetings through open discussion. 

Teamgage staff provided excellent guidance throughout the set up and roll out phases, and continue to provide timely and accurate support as we move into business as usual. 

Insights provided through the raw feedback, coupled with the analytics being provided by Teamgage, helps business leaders and business partnering teams identify and address issues early, delivering a positive outcome for staff engagement and business performance.”

Steve Burnell
Senior Organisational Development Specialist
NEC Australia

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