Adelaide Football Club join the Teamgage roster of clients

By Andy Welsh  |  2018-04-27T10:41:49

When you think about the Adelaide Football Club, you immediately think of footy at the Oval, but perhaps not innovative digital technology and eSports. That may be about to change though.

Following the announcement in May this year, that the Adelaide Football Club would be the first in Australian mainstream sport to acquire a professional eSports team, the club have continued their adoption of leading digital technology with an agreement to use Teamgage with all administrative staff. In partnership with the football club’s GM for People, Performance and Culture, custom Teamgage metrics will be chosen that align with their corporate strategy and a cycle of submissions will be chosen that works seamlessly with the club’s regular build up to each game.

We look forward to checking in with them later this year to see how the football club’s Teamgage results fluctuate before, during and after the madness of finals footy.

What would your staff results, comments and ideas look like in your organisation during your busiest time of the year?

Could your teams benefit from taking on an elite mindset and looking to improve, just a little each week?

If so, then please get in contact with us.

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