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By Andy Welsh  |  2020-05-15T10:19:25

Workplace rules, advice and restrictions are constantly changing at the moment. If you want to know in real-time how your staff are really feeling about everything, we have a ready to go solution that's quick and simple for everyone to use.

We'll do all the setup for you here in Australia and you'll have results by this time next week.

Let's find out how it works:
Employees give you regular, anonymous feedback
Each month, we'll email employees with a submission link to the submission page below. It takes about 20 seconds to complete using any device, with questions sensitively chosen to deliver the most value in the current circumstances.

In the example below, this employee is able to raise that communication has been lacking, and they're adding a simple idea to improve it.

Leaders regularly receive a real-time dashboard of results
We'll give you and any other leaders a link to the overall real-time results and the ideas/comments submitted by employees. We can even give Managers of specific teams a link to just their results, so they can own and share these with their team. This frees up busy HR departments, as they don't need to spend time on issues that can be more easily solved at team level.

In the example below, the latest HR Team results show "Working Remotely" as an area of concern. They could hold a virtual team meeting to discuss how to make that better.

We'll set you up
The last thing you need right now is more administration and setup. That's why our ready to go solution includes:

  • Full setup in Teamgage completed by our customer success team 
  • Australian-based support team 
  • Easy access to real-time reporting 24/7 

Pricing example
Using our ready to go solution for 6 months, with 100 employees would cost $7,920 exc GST.
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Who we work with
Teamgage are trusted by leading organisations and government departments throughout Australia.

“Teamgage forms a critical element in our management and in times like this, it gives us real time feedback from the staff.   I am happy to speak to anyone looking at how to best use.”  

Stephen Kowal Group CEO - FTS Group
(one of the largest privately owned IT services companies in Australia)

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