How's your strategy performing in 2020?

By Andy Welsh  |  2020-02-03T10:09:45
We’re not really supposed to talk too much about our clients' use of Teamgage, as things like discretion and security tend to be pretty important to leading Fortune 500 and ASX 100 organisations. However, what we are able to share with you is that they’re already up and running in a big way for 2020 and outsprinting their competition (again).

First, let’s just quickly recap how Teamgage engages your people to drive your strategy.

It begins with employees making a regular 20-second submission on metrics important to their organisation. Those results are then put into the hands of senior leaders in real time, so they can immediately act on the things that are working well, and not so well across the business. A set of results are also generated for every team in the organisation, so they too can meet and create actions to resolve their own local issues.

So what have we seen so far in 2020 from our clients?
  • Employees are submitting their feedback and ideas in record numbers
  • Senior Leaders are putting in place actions in response to this employee feedback
  • Most teams are meeting for the second time this year to discuss how effective their January actions have been and to continue working on the improvement of their own results 

Imagine that. It’s only February and employees have already been engaged, they’ve talked about their feedback and seen their organisation respond.

But it doesn't end there.

Our clients will continue to improve this year by gaining the freshest insights through Teamgage and fixing what’s broken and refining what works. 

If one of your goals for 2020 was to engage your people to drive your strategy, please get in touch.
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