Case Study: How a busy hospital team created award-winning employee engagement

By Andy Welsh  |  2019-06-18T11:01:09

We all know the importance of prioritising our people and culture, but imagine how critical this is at one of the largest hospitals within South Australia. 

Last month I went along to visit the impressive Flinders Medical Centre to catch-up with their Acute Allied Health team and to find out how Teamgage was performing.

Here's their case study.


Flinders Medical Centre is one of South Australia’s largest hospitals and provides medical services for people living in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide.

In 2018, Flinders Medical Centre Acute Allied Health were searching for actionable insights to improve their employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) and were finding the existing staff engagement tools too rudimentary. They knew the effect of good culture on good patient outcomes and wanted to take their work to the next level.


Teamgage is a culture improvement tool for enterprise and the modern alternative to culture and engagement surveys, with a focus on business outcomes and continuous improvement. It lets employees provide anonymous feedback on any device with a unique 20 second submission interface, then real-time reports are generated for leaders of any team, level or demographic, giving a living view of the organisation

Teamgage staff worked closely with Acute Allied Health to develop six bespoke metrics and questions based on the themes from the previous staff research. This included:

  • Fulfilment
  • Communication
  • Improving

It was decided that staff would complete their regular Teamgage submission page every fortnight, due to the dynamic nature of a busy, acute hospital.

Wherever Teamgage is used, we always promote a cycle of continuous improvement that allows all members of the team to see the results together and own the actions that will improve the results:

Our results are always best when employees know their feedback isn't going into a black-hole and they have the opportunity to expand on their submission and ideas in a team meeting...if they wish!


Staff took a few months adjusting to a fortnightly feedback cycle, however the value soon became apparent:

  • In one instance, team feedback led to an immediate workflow improvement which benefited a number of clinical teams.
  • Ideas, comments and feedback are now being generated by up to 83% of staff, which is helping to drive team discussions and real actions within the medical centre.
  • 5 of the 6 Teamgage metrics have seen improvement in 2019, with Fulfilment in particular rising by 10%.
  • Senior Management now have real-time visibility of results and comments providing an additional level of assurance and risk management.
  • This has also lead to higher quality conversations and interaction between operational leaders and senior management.


The amazing efforts made by the team within Acute Allied Health were most recently recognised in May 2019 when they were crowned the winner of the Award for Excellence in Engaging Staff at the 2019 Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Excellence Awards. A much deserved win!


“Nothing can better illustrate the benefit of using Teamgage than within our Emergency Department. This is a vital area of the hospital and employees felt that Teamgage gave them permission to submit their ideas to improve processes further. One suggestion in particular was picked up and implemented, which improved both patient outcomes and staff results!

We have seen our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) improve significantly since we started using Teamgage.

Overall, staff are excited to be part of the improvement process, Managers are finding the results give their team meetings direction and Senior Leaders like me are able to gain a level of transparency and insight that we’d never been able to achieve before.”

Samantha Kruger -
Acting Director of Allied Health, Acute Services, Flinders Medical Centre

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