Times of Change - Why now is the right time to start using Teamgage

By Andy Welsh  |  2019-05-16T10:57:43
We speak to lots of great organisations who would love to roll out Teamgage to reduce risk, transform and change, and engage their teams. However, one concern we sometimes hear is "now might not be the best time."

We love the idea, but we want to wait until we've finished our big change project / we're too busy at the moment / we're going through a lot of change right now.

We get it, the timing has to be right for you.

What if we were to tell you that now is exactly the right time to start using Teamgage? That during a period of challenge and change Teamgage can actually work best?!

As you can see, Teamgage is designed to help you through these periods of change by giving your employees a voice to reflect on what is going well and what can be improved. The comments that Teamgage captures will actually reduce your workload by spreading the ideas that are helping you through the change, while avoiding the potential disasters that take 10x longer to fix retrospectively.

We also have a team of dedicated staff to help you get the launch of Teamgage just right for your specific circumstances:
  • we will personally plan and carefully configure the setup of Teamgage with you
  • Teamgage can roll out to a smaller group of users at first to mitigate any concerns and to allow setup to be refined
  • you decide who has access to the Teamgage comments and results once in use and they're secured using our enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • the metrics you initially choose can be easily updated once any period of flux or change has passed

So is now the right time for you?

Get in touch and we can share some relevant case studies with you.
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