Is Teamgage anonymous?

By Andy Welsh  |  2019-03-15T16:30:14
When employees begin using our product, we’re often asked “is Teamgage anonymous?
Yes, is the short answer – Teamgage is anonymous.

Teamgage Is Anonymous

 To fully understand the rationale for this, we have to go back to when the founders of Teamgage were both employees in large organisations. They both felt that although they were part of good teams with good people, there was room for things to be better. However, there was no method in place for them to regularly let their Manager and Senior Leaders know what was working well, and what could be improved. They also realised that if their constructive feedback was ever going to be truly open and honest, it would have to be anonymous. That way their organisation could really start to have the conversations it needed to be having and address the real areas of concern.
A few years later and our founders' idea became Teamgage, with employee anonymity as a core principle right from the very start.
But how does that work in reality? We’ve made Teamgage anonymous in 3 ways:
  1. Teamgage is built and secured using enterprise-grade infrastructure and encryption technologies
  2. No employees from Teamgage or the organisation are ever granted access to employee submission data
  3. Even if they did have access, the employee submission data isn’t stored in a personally identifiable way
But with great anonymity comes great responsibility! We always ask employees to:
  1. Be constructive within each anonymous Teamgage submission
  2. Expand on their feedback (if possible) whenever the team meets to talk about Teamgage results
  3. Be willing to help Managers improve Teamgage results over time
By doing these three things well at first, trust will develop in the process. Over time, teams tend to increasingly talk more openly about their submissions, claim credit for the good ideas created and the question of anonymity is almost forgotten. Our staff are on hand to help every team using Teamgage get to that point!
Any questions, just let us know.