How your employees have already adopted Teamgage, even if you haven't

By Andy Welsh  |  2019-03-04T10:00:00
I’d only just moved to Melbourne when I somehow landed a job at a big international organisation. Our office was super cool, the people I worked with were all really talented, our clients were pretty happy and business appeared to be good. But there was a BUT. 

Around 10am every morning, groups of us would file out of our office to grab a coffee and unbeknown to the organisation, this was where the magic happened.

The conversations in the coffee shop queue would inevitably turn to work, as trusted co-workers would share their thoughts on things like current workload, fulfillment and communication. The ideas to improve would flow as freely as the long blacks, starting with an adamant “what they should stop doing is….” and concluding with a “why can’t we just start trying….” 

By the time we quietly filed back into the office, we’d have confidently put our working world to rights and then we’d say no more about it.

The opportunity to talk in such an open and honest way as a team, and with our Manager or Senior Leaders would never come up. Our monthly team meetings created a great illusion of team collaboration, but with a set agenda and “a lot to get through” nobody would ever be brave enough to just broach the topics that really needed to be discussed.
So we all left.  

What organisations really need to understand is that their employees have already essentially adopted their part of the Teamgage process. They decide how they feel and then meet to talk with their colleagues on how things can be better. It’s just that most of the time, all of those amazing conversations and ideas are going into a black hole, instead of let's just say "a simple and intuitive 20-second dashboard built for Managers and Senior Leaders.”

Need proof? Let’s just quickly recap how Teamgage works.
It begins with employees making a regular 20-second submission on metrics like workload, fulfillment and communication. The submission is anonymous and encourages everyone to feel comfortable enough to share the ideas they believe will help the team or organisation to improve. Or in other words, employees take all of the magic from the coffee shop queue and capture it in their Teamgage submission.

With access to results in real-time, Senior Leaders can then immediately act on the things that are working well, and not so well across the business and actually address the comments and ideas made. It also means that at the next team meeting, each team can look at their own individual results, which creates a great prompt for everyone to finally have an open and productive discussion. There's even an actions feature, so all of those "let's stop" or "why don't we start" ideas can be logged, put into practice and measured.
We know it works too. In 2019 we've seen employees submitting their Teamgage feedback and ideas in record numbers, and our clients are continuously improving by putting in place actions to address each round of feedback. 
If one of your goals this year was to finally be part of the employee conversation, then get in touch.
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