Australian Financial Review on the importance of harnessing the employee voice

By Andy Welsh  |  2018-12-04T16:10:29
One of the great things about Teamgage, is that it gives employees a voice and empowers the teams they work in to own their own improvement. We've written extensively on the importance of this practice, but it's always nice when a third party comes along and agrees with us! In this article from The Australian Financial Review, the subject of harnessing the employee voice is discussed at length.

A couple of stand out quotes for us are:

"Individuals coming into the workforce have grown up as digital natives; they are used to a greater democracy of information, social media opinion and crowdsourcing of ideas to solve a problem that's in front of them. They are used to having a voice and do not expect this to stop in an employer-employee relationship."

"Employees are looking for an organisation who wants to listen to them and wants to hear their feedback and wants to change based on that, and the only way that happens is through gathering that voice bottom-up."

Read the full article on the Australian Financial Review here.
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